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Best Life.

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Best life. Flexed life.

FLEXSOCIETY is a community of individuals in pursuit of the strongest version of themselves.


The FlexSociety workout uses Stroops equipment to safely and effectively train large movement muscles in conjunction with small stability and balance muscles. The result is a comprehensive class that offers individuals of all fitness levels a holistic and safe approach that adds strength and stability to their lives.

Taking action isn’t easy.

And yet, we feel like we have to chase goals on our own.

We try, individually.

We feel resistance, separately.

We question our goals and contemplate going back to what’s comfortable.

But we aren’t meant to tackle big challenges alone.

We aren’t meant to fight solo missions.

There’s strength in numbers.

There’s power in the collective.

There’s momentum in alliances of people with common vision and shared goals.

We're stronger together.

The Team

At FlexSociety, we are a team of individuals in pursuit of the strongest version of ourselves.

We work out together. We work together. We build together. We grow together.

Join the movement. 

Jessica Yarmey - Founder

Jessica Yarmey

Samantha Salas - Founder

Samantha Salas

Aly Purdy - Director of Programming

Aly Purdy

Director of Programming

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